Zero Emissions Noosa speaking points

Electric ZEN's Anne Kennedy wrote these speaking points for the Roadmap Community Consultations.

Zero Emissions Noosa’s goal is zero community emissions in Noosa by 2026

Is an ambitious goal but with your help we can do it

69% of Noosa's community emissions come from electricity consumption

That is why the Zero Emissions Noosa group is having community consultation sessions to:

  • hear about the use plan to use energy efficiency and solar power to reduce emissions (funded by Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation)
  • hear about the cluster of solar businesses being developed
  • get the best & brightest ideas from community members about how to achieve our goal of zero community emissions in Noosa by 2026

Zero emission is:

  • good for the environment reducing greenhouse gases and 
  • good for Noosa’s economy because it means more jobs installing and servicing solar systems and growing business in Noosa
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