Roadmap Community Consultations

On behalf of Zero Emissions Noosa, Inc., we'd like to thank all of those that attended one of our Community Consultation sessions.  We were delighted that we had 150 people participate.

We're making great progress on our Roadmap goal of producing more clean electricity as we consume--in total--by 2026.  Your feedback has given more precise shape to exactly how we'll achieve this.

It's all coming together:  ever cheaper solar and wind electricity, small-, medium-, and large-scale storage, and the growing understanding (finally!) that the cleanest energy is also the cheapest energy. 

It takes a whole community to do that, not just the busy bees here at ZEN Inc.  Thank you for being part of that community!

Here is a summary of the information that is available from the community consultations:

We also welcome any additional feedback you may have.  Either use the Comments section at the bottom of any of the webpages above, or you can provide other feedback here.

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