Lots happening at Zero Emissions Noosa

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Zero Emissions Noosa.

Our community consultations sessions on our project – Roadmap to 100% renewable electricity in Noosa by 2026 - drew good crowds with 150 people participating.  The mayor, Tony Wellington, opened each of the three public sessions, sending a message that the council as well as the wider community clearly supports our efforts.

Read more about the Roadmap Project here - https://www.repowernoosa.com/roadmap-project

The first Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo was thronged with almost 2,000 visitors who were all over the many electric cars, electric bikes, and electric scooters on display.  The many private vehicle owners were busy talking to visitors all day long, while the commercial operators present enjoyed the heavy attendance and ready-to-buy level of interest.

We were delighted that the Queensland Minister for Transport, Mark Bailey opened the event, joined by our Mayor Tony Wellington and our local state member of parliament Sandy Bolton.  Check out the great press coverage we received on our Facebook pages, and in particular a great slot on WIN News - 

and an excellent video of the event by one of the Tesla exhibitors –

It seems likely that this one event will see lots more people getting around on electric-assist bikes and electric scooters.  All the more reason to press for safe and separate bike infrastructure to help get people out of their cars.

We really appreciate your support.  We have more and more projects all the time, so there are plenty of ways to get involved.

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