Notes on displaying Facebook feed in Squarespace

For those that don’t use Facebook, we can embed the Zero Emissions Noosa Facebook feed on Squarespace pages.

Currently we do that on the News page -

And there’s also a (currently) unlinked page at which displays the feed in a larger format, and can be linked to from an email.

Some implementation notes follow:

Refer to for how do show this Facebook feed.  

Requires a Facebook developer account, and then creation of a Facebook app (which can be a website) -

Note that the page width for the /fb-feed page has been set to max = 500, and height = 2000.  Downside is that need to use landscape mode for mobile

Note FB uses w=340 & h=500 by default when generated code snippet

Note that Facebook requires a link to a privacy page statement before the app(website) can be linked to FB account






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