Repower Cooran

"We, the people of Cooran have declared our village to be coal mine and gas field free. However, the reality is that over 98% of the electricity supplied to Cooran is generated by power stations using coal and gas.  To be truly free of using coal and gas we must go beyond simply keeping the coal and gas extraction industries out of our Shire and work towards eliminating our dependency on power generated from coal and gas. 

Cooran Earth Rights in partnership with Zero Emissions Noosa has set an objective for Cooran to be a zero net user of coal and gas generated electricity by 2026. This would mean that our village would generate at least the same amount of electricity (using solar PV and/or other renewable alternatives) as it consumes.  

The benefits would be:

  • Lower energy costs for the community;

  • Being a model for other communities to achieve the same objective;

  • Making a real contribution to reducing the effects of climate change."

Declaration Day - Cooran Coal & Gas Field Free!

Here's speech by Zero Emissions Noosa at Cooran Earth Rights celebration day for declaring Cooran coal and gas field free - August 11, 2018.  The goal is for the community to go 100% renewable electricity!



Initial Presentation and Q&A

Zero Emissions Noosa volunteers Michael Davis and Geoff Acton were invited to talk with the illustrious Cooran Earth Rights group on Tuesday 29 May.

Thanks to the happy band out there for a warm welcome and stimulating dialog.  We look forward to it continuing.  Here's the presentation.


Planning Meeting

After some subsequent discussions, Cooran Earth Rights formed a subgroup (John Esson, Rebecca Somerville, Pam Scott-Holland, June ????) and invited Michael Davis & Geoff Acton to an initial planning session on 5th July.

The planning session was based on a Strategic Conversation approach.  Refer to the guidance section in the embedded document below.

Following the Strategic Conversation, a Proforma or Program Brief can be prepared (see bottom of this page)

Where are we now? - Explore the situation

Notes from the planning session are in the embedded document below


The info below was also tabled as representing where we are now.........

Also Mick's Powerpoint is at the bottom of this page....

Add some embedded Google sheets here to display Energex & Clean Energy Regulator info

**** TO DO ****

  • solar PV over time - see graphs below
  • solar PV prior to 44c FIT cutoff - (closed for applications 9 July 2012 for installation by 30 June 2013) - very approximately 400kW
  • solar HWS & heat pump HWS over time
  • note monthly consumption from Energex for Cooran postcode is not available as there are less than 50 business accounts
  • check adjacent postcodes to get reasonable estimate of solar feed-in for 4569
  • pick out relevant parts of census data
    • rentals
    • owners outright & mortgages
  • reference to Energy Queensland annual usage survey -
  • number of pools


Cooran Solar PV

Av installs = 19 per year. Source: Clean Energy Regulator -

Cooran Solar PV

Av installations = 99kW per year. Source: Clean Energy Regulator -


Census data for Cooran is here

Energex derived data from Cooran Zone Substation.  Note that 4569 represents only about 25% of the load from this substation

Midday tab shows the ZS load at midday for every day of the year.  The troughs occur on Sundays.

The "duck" tab show the average Zone Substation load for every 30 minute slot over a month.  This clearly shows the morning & evening peaks, and the trough in the middle of the day.  You can also observe the peak at around 10;30pm when off-peak HWS kicks in.  It would be beneficial to shift this to around midday to allow it to act as a sponge for the peak solar generation.





Where do we want to be? - Create Aspiration

*** TO DO ***
capture from butcher's paper - Mick

Cooran coal & gas free declaration - exploration & mining

98% grid electricity is from coal & gas - so aspiration

Cooran nett zero emissions electricity - generate as much as we use

Transport will also be a focus - but separate to this subgroup

Heaps of community, environmental, social & sustainable aspirations to add in here





*** TO DO ***
capture from butcher's paper

Scroll the spreadsheet below to see some rudimentary calculations for how much solar would need to be added to achieve 100% renewable electricity.  It also includes an assumption for reduction in overall consumption through energy efficiency / waste reduction measures.

Spreadsheet below (scroll to the right)  shows that

  • with 15% reduction in electricity usage
  • some 1600kW additional solar required to meet
  • BAU rate of solar growth is 100kW per year
  • goal is definitely achievable


What steps do we need to take? - determine action plans

Subject of next meeting




Campaign Brief - Proforma

This can be developed after the strategic conversation.

This is suggested as a standard way of describing all Repower Noosa / Zero Emissions Noosa programs.

It should be no longer than 2 pages.

It can be included as an appendix in the Roadmap Report

Together with other programs it will the subject of the Community Workshop on August 11.


Following are the initial notes from the 5 July planning meeting.  Much of this info has been moved to other sections......

The following embedded document shows guidance for how to conduct a strategic conversation.

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