The sectors of Noosa

So the purpose is to stratify Noosa into manageable chunks so we can see how we can apply the various options in Rob Passey's Roadmap report.  See - Chapter 7

As different segments of the Noosa "marketplace" will have different requirements, it makes sense to identify them so that programs can be better evaluated and targeted, and potential delivery partners identified.

Thanks to Michael Davis, Dalia Mikhail & Geoff Acton for contributing to these lists.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 4.30.21 pm.png



Note for information about schools and other educational institutions, please refer to the Schools Program page.

    Plus we know some areas where either we're started or have a desire, eg

    • Schools - group is planned
    • Tourism Noosa - strategic conversations planned
    • Cooran - very interested, ready to engage
    • Industrial estates - Vivien wants to lead
    • Community Buildings - Grad student Jennifer to start in July
    • Repower Noosa - The Social Deck - cofunded Noosa Council + Installers
    • Noosa Council initiatives - EUAs, Solar Bulk Buy
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