Schools including tertiary, secondary, primary & early learning/childcare

Student counts from MySchool website.

*** TO DO ***
Add in known Solar PV
Government - source from Solar Schools
Annie Nolan says some pre-schools/daycare may be council owned buildings
Dalia - can we source grid kWh for state schools from Solar Schools data?

Initial Planning Meeting

Roman Raudonikis, Matt Harold, Gareth Duggan, Dalia Mikhail, Geoff Acton

The planning session can be based on a Strategic Conversation approach.  Refer to the guidance section in the embedded document below.

Following the Strategic Conversation, a Proforma or Campaign Brief can be prepared (see bottom of this page)



Where are we now? - Explore the Situation







Where do we want to be? - Create Aspiration





How do we get there? - Determine Strategies




What steps do we need to take? - Determine Action Plans




These are notes from previous conversations....

Campaign brief

This can be developed after the strategic conversation.

This is suggested as a standard way of describing all Repower Noosa / Zero Emissions Noosa programs.

It should be no longer than 2 pages.

It can be included as an appendix in the Roadmap Report

Together with other programs it will the subject of the Community Workshop on August 11.

The following embedded document shows guidance for how to conduct a strategic conversation.

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