Common questions asked in grant proposals

As described in a previous post, the Proforma approach to defining and evaluating options to drive to 100% Renewable Electricity, can be extended to include common information requested in grant applications.

This article for now is just a brain dump of relevant information required by some relevant grant bodies.


Timing: yearly grants

  • Project Name & Description(100 words max for description)
  • Project Objectives - List up to 5 specific objectives of your project (i.e. what are the benefits received by the participants involved / affected by the project).
  • Who will benefit? - The specific target population that will participate in and/or benefit from your project - including number of people, age, gender, region and other demographics.
  • Project Plan - Outline the specific activities that will take place to realise the project.
  • Project Risks - Outline any risks that could affect your project and how you plan to address them.
  • Project Sustainability & Evaluation - Is your project dependent on receiving a SUEZ Community Grant? Will your project continue after SUEZ Community Grant funding ceases? * Required
  • How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your project? - Outline how you will monitor / evaluate the objectives / outcomes of your project.
  • Project Budget - grant $ sought, in kind, other committed $



Economic Grants

  • Project Title & Summary
  • Describe the project outcomes.
  • Describe the extent to which your project aligns with and addresses key findings, weaknesses and/or threats, or targets the opportunities identified in the Local Economic Plan.
  • Describe the community benefit your project will deliver.
  • What is the scale of the economic impact likely to be achieved from your project?
  • Describe the level of innovation, insight or creative thinking that makes the project unique.
  • What is the potential for the project to create business/industry networks and partnerships that can drive future economic development activities?
  • Demonstrate the capacity of your organisation to successfully deliver the program over the projected time frame.
  • Upload your Project Plan
  • Please provide evidence of support from project stakeholders and partners and/or consortium members
  • Please describe the risks associated with this project.
  • Describe how you will mitigate these risks.
  • Please upload the meeting minutes that demonstrate your organisation's support for this application.
  • Project Budget

Community Grants


Three Year Community Alliance




Need a list of other sources & their criteria

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