Roadmap Feedback - Info Hubs

(Posted anonymously from someone who attended the Community session - 1 May)
Expand the concept of the Info Hub

I was struck that many of the options Rob covered encompassed information, promotion, and coordination (for example, of bulk buys).

Your group might consider expending the concept of the Info Hub to become an Information, Coordination and Facilitation Hub, including such things as the Landlord Toolkit and bulk purchase schemes.

Given that facilitation and coordination need face-to-face interaction, you might explore the scope to include both an online and a (modest) 'shopfront' presence.

To underpin this kind of Hub some serious market research on solar up-take in Noosa would be useful.

For example, why have 35% of suitable residential sites gone solar, when so many haven't?

If the 35% mainly comprised green, prosperous, resident home-owners, and the 65% strata title renters, it would have a big impact on the Hub's activities.

It would be also be valuable to get Rob's advice, based on his experience, of how this kind of Hub might be structured administratively and financially.

In principle, Council could do it. But there may be other mixed models, with, for example, Council providing a 'shop front', and other players including ZEN involved.

A 2-year Noosa pilot of a Community Zero Emissions Hub might be good for Noosa and of interest at the State and National levels.

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