Roadmap Feedback - Council ZEN vs Community ZEN

(Posted anonymously from someone who attended the Community session - 1 May)
Well done! You've clearly worked hard and well and done the process a great service by bringing in Rob Passey.

I found myself wondering about a couple of things

Council is great but its strategic commitment to ZEN is unclear

The Noosa Council is a very important stakeholder in this, perhaps the most important.

I'm impressed by the Mayor, and the Council is clearly doing good things in renewables.

I can see they are supportive of ZEN. But I don't know how far that support might extend.

I raise this because, as far as I can see, ZEN's target and the Council's are not the same:

  • Noosa Council: zero net emissions from Council Activitiess by 2026,
  • ZEN: zero net emissions from Noosa by 2026.

The Council is focused on its own activities and you are community focused.

But why should this be the case? The Council is a community leader in Noosa. Given its very evident commitment to sustainability it would be natural to go beyond its own activities and take the community lead in reducing emissions (not necessarily to zero by 2026).

It would be good if the Council bought some way into ZEN's more ambitious target - and Rod's report could be a good litmus test of whether that might happen

Indeed this might be its strategic intent.

To add a little drama to this discussion, I think the hard-nosed headline from Rob's baseline analysis is that as things stand, ZEN is pretty unlikely to hit its 2026 goal.

How will Council respond?

"That's a pity, but we are on track to achieve our target."


"OK, we better review our strategy and see if we can expand it to have more of a a whole of community focus", which would open the door for the kinds of options ZEN is exploring,

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