Roadmap Feedback - Butcher's paper from 3 community sessions

Butcher’s paper feedback

“I would like council to do the increase in the rates thing”
Other ideas, Hinterland, Anon
(I assume this is referring to Solar $avers)

“Investigate current trials by Power Ledger (in WA) & recently new agreement with Japan.  Power Ledger is blockchain energy company(Australian)”
Other ideas, Hinterland, Anon

“Provide Business Case Template for Solar Investment”
Commercial Sized Solar - Multi-Site Feasibility, Business, Anon

“Demand Manager Pty Ltd interested in financing for community group roof & solar for schools as well as large scale solar”
Commercial Sized Solar - Community Group Roof, Business,

“Break into ‘zones’ like Noosaville industrial estate, Noosa Civic, various local traders/business associations(leverage membership organisations). Hinterland townships(CBDs)”
Commercial Sized Solar - Multi Site Feasibility, Business, Anon

“Can we please have a clear source for independent, unbiased(no product seller) feasibility analysis. Consider learnings from regulated industries such as property valuers”
Commercial Sized Solar - Multi Site Feasibility, Community,

“A very difficult concept to set up”
Commercial Sized Solar - Landlord Tenant Agreements, Hinterland, Anon

“Focus on maximising size of system, not optimum for ROI.  ROI max = small systems that don’t support morning & late afternoons”
“Solar Analytics/Nigel Morris has a very ???? virtual power project between schools and homes of the students”
“Consider EV charging stations to clip peak and demonstrate best practice for teachers, students and parents”
Commercial Sized Solar - Solar for Schools, Community, Anon

“The entire of the Noosa area households to install rooftop solar”
Large Scale, Hinterland, Anon

“Would like to link this facility with Cooran Earth Rights for all local residents interested in making the change”
Residential - Energy Info Hubs, Hinterland, Anon

“Interested in bulk buy deals - batteries (to connect with existing PV)
Residential - Bulk Buys, Hinterland, Anon

“Community based/owned bulk battery storage”
Residential - Bulk Buys, Community, Noel Bird(Boreen Point)

“Does anyone know (1) radiation levels from inverters (2) where should be placed on premises to minimise pollution & noise”
Residential, Community, (Noel Bird’s partner)

Residential - Landlord Tenant Agreements, Community, Anon

“Need to get State Government, Property Council, LGAQ, Developers, Strata Title managers involved”
Residential - Strata Titles, Community, Anon

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