Project Scope - ITP Renewables

This is the project scope of ITP Renewables work from our contract.  Note that for the NBRF project, we have commited to extra activities, such as a community/business survey.  The intent is that we will collaborate with Annie Nolan as part of her PhD thesis.

Note that this page defines ITP Renewables scope of works, but Rob's work is highly dependant on Zero Emissions Noosa for supply of local information, arranging for stakeholder consultations, arranging for review of documents and consolidation of review comments from the Noosa community.

1. Inception

Signing of contract, and Inception meeting: To ensure shared understanding and agreement regarding project deliverables, scope, method and deliverables. Will be by skype or phone. (19 February 2018)

2. Modelling

a.    Preliminary modelling of the baseline year (2016/2017) of the aggregated Zone Substations, including the contribution of small-scale solar PV (16 March 2018)
b.    Preliminary modelling of 2 scenarios for 2026, showing 70% and 100% renewable energy, based on the parameters on the East Gippsland report plus Electric Vehicle update as per Byron report, as well as on input from ZEN (16 March 2018)
c.    Preliminary sensitivity analysis around the uptake of distributed PV, energy efficiency measures (incl. solar water heaters) and batteries (16 March 2018)
d.    Finalised modelling of 2a, 2b & 2c based on community consultation and review (4 May 2018)  

3. Community Consultation

The provision of information required for community consultation. This will involve a single visit from 19-23 March 2018 for face-to-face input by Rob Passey, including meetings with key stakeholders and the delivery of a presentation to two meetings, that will include the preliminary modelling (parts 2a, 2b & 2c. above) and initial suggestions for programs (from 4 below).
The community consultation information and preliminary modelling will constitute a first draft report.
Note while Rob will be in Noosa from 19-23 March, not all the time is allocated to the ZEN project  (23 March 2018)

4. Draft Report

Advice on the development of programs to drive the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency. This will be based on the programs recommended in the East Gippsland report, as well as input received from ZEN and during the community consultation above.  Draft report based on the above. (4 May 2018)
Rob Passey is scheduled to be in Noosa from 14-18 May 2018 for followup community consultation based on the draft report
Note while Rob will be in Noosa from 14-18 May, not all the time is allocated to the ZEN project   

5. Final report

 (8 June 2018)

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