Roadmap Project - status update for cluster meeting 15 Feb 2018

Funding for the project - Roadmap to achieving 100% Renewable Electricity for Noosa - has been confirmed by the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, and the project has commenced.

  • Engaging a consultant to do a roadmap study – based on previous ones for Byron & East Gippsland
  • Mix of technologies that will be required to meet Zero Emissions electricity by 2026
  • Model zone substation 30min load data, with scenarios of increased business & residential PV, energy efficiency, population growth, batteries, load shifting(off-peak HWS to midday), state RET, EV takeup, etc with any shortfall via large scale RE farm(solar/wind)
  • Seek involvement re scenarios
  • Recommended programs to achieve – solar savers, business uptake(from 3%), cluster, solar for schools, landlord barrier, etc
  • Started, community consultation mid March, final report June
  • Study will be about WHAT we need to do

Here is the East Gippsland Shire Council report and the Zero Emissions Byron / Byron Shire Council report.  Our project follows the same methodology.

Key Activities & Dates

16 March
Preliminary modelling of baseline(2016/2017) of aggregated Zone Substation
Preliminary modelling of 2 scenarios of technology mixes for 2026 based on scenarios by ZENe
1st cut programs

19-23 March
Community consultation, including presentation of preliminary modelling and programs
Groups include:  Councillors & local member, Council officers, Business Groups(CCIQ, Noosaville Traders, Cooroy CC, Tourism Noosa), Renewable Energy Suppliers, Open Community Meeting(invites to clubs & associations), Energex, Large Energy Users(Unity Water, etc)

4 May
Draft Report, including updated modelling based on review of scenarios

14-18 May
2nd round of community consultation based on draft report

8 June
Final Report

The Consultant

Dr Rob Passey is a Senior Consultant with ITP Renewables, as well as Senior Research Associate (Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets) and Postdoctoral Fellow (School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering) at the University of NSW, and Policy Analyst and Treasurer at the Australian PV Institute. He is also Committee Member and Treasurer of Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM). He focuses on policy research and analysis, particularly renewable energy, distributed generation, electric vehicles, energy efficiency and carbon markets. In early 2017 he lead authored the report “Achieving 100% Renewable Electricity for Byron Shire”, for Zero Emissions Byron and Byron Shire Council, then in late 2017 he lead authored the report “Background Technical Study: East Gippsland Bright Futures Renewable Energy Project”, for East Gippsland Shire Council.

Community Consultations

At the community meeting you will be presented with some preliminary modelling of the nature of the current electricity use in Noosa, including the amount of local solar PV generation. Scenarios will be presented that show different pathways for achieving 100% renewable electricity use over a year, based on the use of both renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency (including solar water heaters and heat pumps), but also including the impact of increased electricity use driven by electric vehicles. Options to drive the uptake of these technologies will be presented for discussion. 

There will be plenty of time for discussion as we will be seeking feedback on both the assumptions made in the scenarios as well as the options proposed to drive uptake. This will all feed into the final modelling and recommendations in a publicly available report. 



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