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This needs refinement

Very clearly needs to say

  • Repower Noosa is an initiative of Zero Emissions Noosa
  • briefly about ZEN
  • the electricity & transport subgroups


Inspiring the Noosa community and especially businesses to repower Noosa by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and innovative local commercial activity

Aspects are:

  • cluster of installers, extending to all relevant suppliers
  • information hub
  • fastest way to get a qualified fast accurate assessment / quote
  • supported by our various program initiatives, some of which will specialise, (so funnel could direct)
    • general solar / ee tips - info hub
    • landlord / renters kits
    • environmental upgrade agreements
    • finance, incl community
    • Council Solar Savers
    • publicise government incentives, subsidies, etc
    • and so on

Could then link to the details of the program initiatives