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Campaigns Workshop - Roadmap to 100% Renewable Electricity in Noosa

  • CQUniversity 90 Goodchap Street Noosaville, QLD, 4566 Australia (map)

The Roadmap has landed!  Our objective is to make sure Noosa produces more clean electricity than the total amount used for all purposes.  The Roadmap is our tool kit and guide.

Read the entire Roadmap document here

Read the nine page summary here

Now that we have the tools, we need to get going on specific local campaigns.  At the workshop we'll introduce the main campaigns and invite you to decide which of them you want to work on.  We'll get straight into it, dividing into campaign groups to review what we have so far and decide how to proceed.

Campaigns already underway

We have identified the following campaigns:

Major consumers:  work with the ten largest electricity users in Noosa.

Business:  focus on small & medium size businesses.

Tourism:  work with tourism operators to reduce their electricity consumption and improve profitability.

Solar Cluster:  work with solar installers to keep the installation work local and ensure top quality service to end users.

Education:  work with the special opportunities and special challenges of optimising efficiency and electricity generation in the school and wider education sector.

Renters and Landlords:  develop and implement tools to enable landlords and renters to benefit from energy efficiency and rooftop solar.

Low Income Households:  work on the policy and investment challenges to deliver access to cheap and clean electricity to all.

Community Buildings:  work with groups and with the Noosa Council to make the most of council-owned premises used by a wide variety of community groups.

Cooran Earth Rights:  the town has been declared coal and gas free.  We're working with them to be a 100% renewable electricity community.

Academic ZEN:  Researchers from CQUniversity are working in partnership with ZEN to help to achieve the zero emissions goal


Note that all are welcome, but we expect that all who attend will have some familiarity with Zero Emissions Noosa and particularly with the Roadmap.  A careful reading of the nine-page summary would be a good start.  

Bring your ideas and your creativity, but be prepared to get to work.  This won't be a day devoted to great ideas about what other people should do, but rather about your commitment to specific campaigns.