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Electric ZEN - July meeting

  • CQUniversity 90 Goodchap Street Noosaville, QLD, 4566 Australia (map)

Meeting will be in Lecture Room 1 (Room number C1.20)

Here is a proposed agenda.  Please let us know of anything you would like included.  Additional material will be circulated before the meeting.

It would be appreciated if everyone has read and commented on the draft Roadmap report before the meeting.

  1. Welcome
  2. Roadmap Project
    1. endorse parameters for final round of modelling
    2. cutoff date for comments of draft report
    3. planning for workshop event on Saturday 11 August
    4. update on Programs / working groups
      1. Schools
      2. Cooran
      3. Tourism Noosa
      4. Industrial estates
      5. Community Buildings
  3. Repower Noosa
    1. update on Council Grant
    2. Project planning
    3. Presence at Tourism Noosa - Refresh Noosa Expo - 16 July
  4. Membership
    1. $20 per year from July 1, 2018
  5. Other
    1. Academic paper


Suggestions for changes from preliminary modelling done for community workshops:

Population - Base & Stretch as per Noosa Council estimates
2016 - 53,638        2026 - 58,164     % increase = 8.44%

Electric Vehicle Uptake - there was discussion of this during community consultation week.  Do we want this changed?
Base = 10%       Stretch = 20%

Rob will initiate the final round of modelling based on these updates.  His modeller (Jose) will also package up the modelling scenarios, so that we can refine, etc as long as we have access to the right skills (Python)


All comments must be completed by Friday 6th July.   Comments must be made against the web version of each chapter.
We have committed to Rob Passey that we will consolidate all of the feedback.
Volunteers are needed to produce this consolidated feedback which will be sent to Rob by Fri 13 July.
Rob will update the report by 20 July, assuming the modelling updates can be completed in time.

The final report is now scheduled for Fri 31 August.  We expect that changes would generally relate to the appendices containing the Noosa program outlines (Proformas - see below)

ROADMAP WORKSHOP EVENT - Sat 11 August @ CQUniversity

Rob will be back in Noosa from 8th August.  A Council session is scheduled for Thu 9th August, to present the updated report and seek Council commitment to whatever level is possible for recommended programs that involve Council.
The Saturday session is currently scheduled from 1pm.  The intent of this workshop will be for attendees to engage by reviewing, enhancing & prioritising the localised Noosa programs we would like to see up and running.
Planning and promotional help is required for this event.


Schools - Dalia, Roman & Geoff have met.  Working notes are here.  Next steps????

Cooran - Cooran Earth Rights have formed a "solar" subgroup and have invited Michael & Geoff to help them develop an overall strategy.  See working material here

Tourism Noosa - we have an opportunity to have strategic conversation with the Board chair & others.  Who wants to be involved?

Industrial Estates

Community Buildings - Graduate student starting this month with Annie Nolan

For the Council & workshop events on August 9 & 11, we should have program outlines in place for the above using the Proforma approach described here.  Volunteers are required for each of the programs.  Rob has agreed to include these program outlines in the final report.


It's official - we're been successful in be awarded a Council Economic Grant


Paid up membership is now due.  You can use the website to pay online




In Gympie Terrace.
ZEN presence????