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Presentation to Noosa Council of Roadmap to 100% Renewable Electricity report

This is a closed meeting with Council.

ZEN Inc has sent the following email and attachment in preparation for next Thursday’s workshop to present the findings of the 100% Renewable Energy Roadmap.    

Following consultation with the community and Council, the Zero Emissions Noosa Inc road map report "Achieving 100% Renewable Electricity in Noosa" is now available

Dr Rob Passey and Zero Emissions Noosa Inc will present the report recommendations to the Councillors and Executive Team on Thursday 9 August, at 11am

The Executive Summary condenses the key aspects of the report into 9 pages, if time does not permit the full read.

In particular, Dr Passey will focus on the recommendations that pertain to Noosa Council, ie

  • Energy Info Hubs
  • Solar Bulk Buy
  • Solar Savers
  • Solar Access Rights
  • Multi-site Feasibility Study
  • Solar PPAs and Leases
  • Environmental Upgrade Agreements
  • Community Buildings

We commend the report and its recommendations for your consideration.

As information, Zero Emissions Noosa will be hosting a public workshop on Saturday 11 August to focus on the community and business campaigns that have commenced and planned.